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McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act

Elementary school students smiling in front of a chalkboard

Our Commitment

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Act is a federal law that provides rights and protections to homeless children and youth.

Adams County School District 14 (Adams 14) has a mission to provide an inclusive environment for all students, regardless of any barriers the student may face. We work to shape a more equitable future for all students, regardless of their living situation by providing essential educational support.

Under the McKinney-Vento Act, students in any of the following situations may qualify for homeless assistance: students who are living “doubled up” with family or friends due to economic hardship; students who are living in inadequate housing that lacks proper utilities or electricity, windows or walls, or has an insect or rodent infestation; students who are living in homeless shelters; students who are living in parks or cars; students who are completely unsheltered; and students who are not living with their parent or legal guardian, involuntarily, due to economic hardship or family conflict.

Children and youth experiencing homelessness have the right to:

  • Immediate enrollment in school, even if lacking paperwork normally required for enrollment. (e.g., immunizations, proof of residency)

  • Attend school in his/her school of origin (if this is requested by the parent and is feasible) or in the school in the attendance area where the family or youth is currently residing
  • Receive transportation to his/her school of origin
  • Services comparable to those received by housed schoolmates, including transportation and supplemental educational services
  • Attend school along with children not experiencing homelessness