Adams County School District 14
     5291 East 60th Avenue
     Commerce City, CO 80022
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    With a final decision on the issue approaching in early March, dozens of interested parents, teachers, staff and graduates gathered Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019 at Adams City High School to discuss the future of Adams 14 school district and its impending partnership with an external management organization. SEE STORY HERE


    Con una decisión final sobre el asunto que se aproxima a principios de marzo, docenas de padres, maestros, personal y graduados interesados se reunieron el sábado 12 de enero, 2019, en Adams City High School para discutir el futuro del Distrito Escolar Adams 14 y su inminente asociación con una organización de administración externa. VER LA HISTORIA AQUI

School Menus

August | Agosto - 2018


September | Septiembre - 2018 

  • Elementary Schools                       English | Espanol 
  • Middle Schools                               English | Espanol 
  • ACHS                                               English | Espanol 
  • LAHS                                                English | Espanol 
  • LAHS PM                                         English | Espanol 
  • Preschool (Half Day)                      English | Espanol
  • STARS Preschool (Full Day)          English | Espanol
  • Boys & Girls                                    English | Espanol


OctoberOctubre - 2018

  • Elementary Schools                          English l Espanol
  • Middle Schools                                  English l Espanol
  • ACHS                                                  English Espanol
  • LAHS                                                  English l Espanol
  • LAHS PM                                            English  Espanol
  • Pre-school (Half day)                        English  Espanol
  • STARS Pre-School (Full Day)           English l  Espanol
  • Boys & Girls Club                              English Espanol


November l Noviembre- 2018

  • Elementary Schools                             English l Espanol
  • Middle Schools                                     English l Espanol
  • ACHS                                                     English l Espanol
  • LAHS                                                      English l Espanol
  • LAHS PM                                                English l Espanol
  • Pre-School ( Half-day)                           English l Espanol
  • STARS Pre-School (Full Day)               English l Espanol
  • Boys & Girls Club                                 English l Espanol


December l Dicimebre- 2018

  • Elementary Schools                              English l Spanish
  • Middle Schools                                      English l Spanish
  • ACHS                                                      English l Spanish
  • LAHS                                                      English l Spanish
  • LAHS PM                                                English l Spanish
  • Pre-School (Half-Day)                           English l Spanish
  • STARS Pre-School (Full Day)               English l Spanish
  • Boys & Girls Club                                  English l Spanish


January l Enero 2019

  • Elementary Schools                            English l Spanish
  • Middle Schools                                    English l Spanish
  • ACHS                                                    English l Spanish
  • LAHS                                                     English l Spanish
  • LAHS PM                                               English l Spanish
  • Pre-School (Half-Day)                          English l Spanish
  • STARS Pre-School (Full Day)              English l Spanish
  • Boys and Girls Club                             English l Spanish



2018-2019 School Year Prices

  • First meal for enrolled students: FREE!
  • Second Breakfast:                                $1.50
  • Second Lunch (with water or milk):      $3.50
  • Second Lunch (without water or milk): $3.00
  • Adult Meal:        $3.75 effective 01/01/2018
  • Side Dish:          $0.65
  • Extra Milk:          $0.60
  • Extra Water:       $0.50

Adams County School District 14 students’ are allowed one free breakfast and one free lunch per day.  If a student wishes to purchase more food beyond the free meal, the student will be charged an a la carte price.  Students must have money on hand or funds available in the student’s account.  Students are not allowed to charge for any additional meals and/or a la carte.  The a la carte prices also apply to adults purchasing food/beverage beyond the adult lunch meal price.  Prices for adult meals and a la carte align with the Colorado Department of Education, the United States Department of Agriculture procedures and regulations, and approved by the Adams County School District 14 Board of Education.

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement