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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

Clik Here for Program Pathways: Elementary School English Language Learners 2019-2020

CLD Mission

Mission: To engage all families of English Language Learners and provide information and support to the community of Adams 14 School District. We will continue to solicit feedback from parents, the community and teachers in order to implement and revise program models that meet students' needs. 

View a draft of the ELL plan here.

Community Engagement

Goals and Outcomes:
  • Empower parents and help them navigate the educational system.
  • Engage parents in schools and in their community.
  • Educate families about the resources within and surrounding our community.
  • Survey stakeholders so that we make any necessary changes to promote student success.

Olga Mijares, Engagement Specialist, may be contaced at 303-853-3257 with questions regarding CLD parent engagement.

District Background and Overview

Located just north of downtown Denver lies the community of Commerce City most noted for its rich mix of cultures, heritage, history and traditions. The 33,000-resident community is served by the Adams 14 School District and caters to the historic neighborhoods in the community.

As a community located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain area and just a short 15-minute drive to the heart of downtown Denver, the Adams 14 School District has all the conveniences of a metropolitan school district with a small town feel. Residents enjoy knowing their neighbors, sharing traditions with family and friends who have grown up together and bonding with the people who established the community’s history and hospitality.

The district embraces equity to ensure diversity among students, staff and the entire community is celebrated as the strength that it is. Adams 14’s culture is based on high expectations for all students and employees, supporting both academic and social growth. We are fully committed to inclusive excellence for all students and will inspire, educate and empower all students to succeed.

Identification and Home Language Survey (HLS)

Local educational agencies (LEAs) must identify students in a timely manner who may be in need of language assistance services. Therefore, a Home Language Survey (HLS) must be completed for all students at the time of registration as required by state law.

Upon registration at the school site, parents complete a Home Language Survey. According to the Colorado Department of Education, “The district must ensure that all students have a completed home language survey on file (including monolingual English Speakers)”. During the 2018-2019 school year, Adams 14 has moved to an online platform for registration that includes the HLS.

  • If the answer to each question is “English”, the child is classified as English Only (EO).
  • If any question on this survey is answered with a language other than English, the child is identified as Primary or Home Language Other than English (PHLOTE) and the child is tested for English proficiency using the WIDA Screener for grades 1-12 or W-APT for kindergarten.


State policy require students identified as Primary Home Language Other Than English to complete an English language proficiency screener within 30 calendar days of their enrollment if at the beginning of the school year and 14 calendar days during the school year. The English language proficiency assessments to determine initial language services in Colorado are the W-APT for kindergarten (and 1st grade 1st semester) and the WIDA screener for grades 1-12.

W-APT and WIDA Screener scores are recorded on the Placement Profile form by a certified employee that is endorsed in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education by the state of Colorado. Both the Placement Profile and Home Language Survey (HLS) are submitted to the Education Program Support Specialist for entry of data into Infinite Campus. This allows for future use in monitoring of student progress and program evaluation. In the 2018-2019 school year, an additional copy of the Placement Profile and HLS are filed in the student’s cumulative blue folder. In the 2019-2020 school year, Adams 14 will transition to creating learning plans in the web-based software, Enrich. At that time, the new HLS form, assessment results and student placement are recorded in Enrich by a CLDE endorsed certified staff member.

Parent Notification

Upon completion of the testing, parents are notified of the results and given a description of the ELD program and the benefits of the program to English language learners. Written notification of the placement must always occur prior to placing the child in the English Language Development program. Parent notification is to come from the district office upon the receipt of the HLS and Placement Profile. Notification via the Notice of English Language Development Program Placement is mailed via USPS.

Written notification must include:

  • Reasons for the identification of the student as needing English instruction.
  • Student’s level of English proficiency and status of academic achievement, if applicable.
  • How the English language instruction program will help the student acquire English and the specific exit criteria for the program.
  • Expected rate of transition from the language program.
  • If a secondary student, the expected rate of graduation.

If the parent notification form is not currently available in the family’s home language, the CLD department will translate the form and mail it via USPS in both English and their native language no later than 30 days from the date of enrollment.

Program and Language Assistance Placement

Based on the Home Language Survey and WIDA Screener results, the identified CLDE endorsed personnel, or lead teacher, at each building will recommend the most appropriate ELD class for the student. The WIDA screener classifies students as, NEP or LEP. Once the language assistance program has been explained to parents and parents agree to the program, the student is assigned to the appropriate ELD class based on proficiency level.

  • NEP (Non English Proficient)
  • LEP (Limited English Proficient)

After a student has been identified as an English Language Learner, and the parents have accepted services, the student will be provided with language assistance services. Additionally newcomer students at the secondary level (who are classified as NEP according to the WIDA Screener test) will be placed in the newcomer center at Kearney Middle School, Adams City Middle School or Adams City High School.

ELD Program Exit Criteria and Monitoring of Student Progress

Title III requires that school districts monitor for two years the progress made by redesignated ELs on content and achievement standards for two years. As of 2017-2018 Colorado has added two more years to the monitoring process. However, this is solely for documentation purposes.

Furthermore, a student is individually monitored in order to:

  • Determine if any barriers to academic success are related to English Language proficiency.
  • Ensure that students have not been prematurely exited before they are proficient in English, especially in the specific language domains of reading and writing.
  • Ascertain that the student is meaningfully participating in a standard instructional program comparable to their non-ELL peers.

When evaluating a student’s possible exit, the following personnel may meet:

  • General education and/or ELD teacher
  • Administration - Principal and/or Assistant Principal
  • ELD Teacher Lead
  • Special education provider (if student has an IEP)

Required Documentation for Students in Monitoring Status

  1. Evidence must include two pieces of local data that demonstrates success in reading and writing through English language arts (ELA), science, social studies, and/or math as comparable to non-ELL/native English speaking peers.
  2. Consultation with parents and student (via conference, phone call, and/or written acknowledgement).

Bilingual Programming

OWL-E (One Way Language - English)

Supports students by providing instruction in English without the specific use of native language. This model also includes a daily structured 45-minute English development block that uses the ELAchieve Systematic ELD curriculum.

OWLS-M (One Way Language Spanish-Maintenance)

Supports students in becoming biliterate in both Spanish and English throughout their years because this K-5 model leads into additional programming in middle and high school and toward the opportunity to graduate with a Seal of bilingual. This model also includes a daily structured 45-minute English development block that uses the ELAchieve Systematic ELD curriculum.




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