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    With a final decision on the issue approaching in early March, dozens of interested parents, teachers, staff and graduates gathered Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019 at Adams City High School to discuss the future of Adams 14 school district and its impending partnership with an external management organization. SEE STORY HERE


    Con una decisión final sobre el asunto que se aproxima a principios de marzo, docenas de padres, maestros, personal y graduados interesados se reunieron el sábado 12 de enero, 2019, en Adams City High School para discutir el futuro del Distrito Escolar Adams 14 y su inminente asociación con una organización de administración externa. VER LA HISTORIA AQUI

District & School Safety


We want to remind everyone to report any suspicious behavior because the best safety measure we have in our control is open and honest communication. The district participates in the "Safe2Tell" program which provides anyone the ability to report any concerns or threats anonymously. The Safe2Tell hotline is available for you to contact anytime at 1-877-542-7233. Additionally, you can file an anonymous tip online at: 


School Safety andStandard Response Protocol (SRP) 

Click here for more information in English, and here for more information in Spanish.

A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is the classroom response to an incident at school. Weather events, fire, accidents, intruders, and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and trained for by students, teachers, staff and administration, Adams 14 is part of the Adams County emergency response planning team. We are expanding the safety program to include the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

The SRP is based on these four actions: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter. In the event of an emergency, the school office will notify all staff and students of the appropriate direction.


“Secure the Perimeter”


“Locks, Lights, Out of Sight”


“To the Announced Area”


“Using Announced Method”

Please take a moment to review these actions. Students and staff will be trained and the school will drill these actions over the course of the school year.

Our schools are very safe places. Parents, students and community members enhance school safety by following procedures and by reporting unusual individuals
or behavior to a school office or to our lead security office at 303.853.7757.

Click here for more information in English, and here for more information in Spanish.

Reuniting with your child after an emergency | Reunirse con su hijo después de una emergencia