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Are schools closed? Here’s where to find out

As winter weather stirs up storms, parents, staff and students need to know where to find information about possible school closures.

Putting student and staff safety first, Adams 14 maintenance and leadership staff keep a close watch on weather forecasts particularly when snow storms are predicted. They monitor highway and side street conditions. Staff also note predicted changes in weather, snow fall amounts, wind chill, temperatures and visibility information. Staff evaluate the impact of the weather on student safety not only for buses traveling around the city, but also the conditions for children walking to and from school or waiting at bus stops.

District leadership aim to make the decision about potential school closures by 5 a.m. at which time, if schools will be closed, they begin notifying news media and placing the announcement on the district Facebook page (Adams 14 School District) and website ( 

An automatic alert phone call is sent to parents.  This is an extremely important notification so parents should always keep their contact information updated with their child’s school.

When considering weather impacts on school schedules, the district has a few options to mitigate safety concerns.  It can implement:

  1. 2-hour delayed start of school schedules. This means start times at all schools are pushed back two hours.  That means buses will be delayed two hours when picking up children and getting to school. The start of school will begin two hours late. However, staff are still expected to get to school at their regular time. School release students at their normal time in this situation.
  2. Early release. If weather conditions worsen during the day and district officials want students to leave school early to avoid safety issues, the district will release students early. This typically avoids students caught in worsening conditions making travel unsafe. When students are released early, all athletics, activities and programs for the evening are cancelled. Parents will receive an automated phone call and announcements will be posted on the district Facebook page and website.
  3. No school. If travel conditions are too dangerous, the district will close all schools and programs for the day. There is no bus service, no classes are held and only essential staff report to school and district offices. All evening practices, programs and sports are cancelled.

In addition to sending an automatic call to families, the district works with area television stations to make announcements. Families should tune into any of the following:

  • NBC, 9News;
  • ABC, the Denver Channel 7;
  • CBS, CBSDenver 4; and
  • FOX 31, channel 13

These stations also lists school closings on their websites.

Also, school closures are posted on cable channel 22, the district’s Facebook page (Adams 14 School District) and the district website ( These are always among the first to be posted with the announcement.