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Child Find / Preschool Special Education / Preschool

Child Find Information and Enrollment Number: 303-853-5680

Suspected Disabilities

Adams 14 Child Find works with families to assure that children with suspected disabilities who live in Adams 14 have screening and evaluation services to determine eligibility for special education. If your child is already enrolled in Adams 14 schools, from preschool to 12th grade, you can talk to staff at your child’s school to express your concerns about a possible disability. The school staff will then work on addressing your concerns.

If your child does not attend school and you suspect a disability, please call Child Find (303-853-5680). This is especially appropriate if your child is 0-5 years old.

Preschool General Education

How to enroll a child in Preschool (for 3-4 year-olds of all abilities)

To enroll a child in preschool, you must first make an appointment through Adams 14 Child Find for a preschool screening.  After your child attends a preschool screening, he or she may be eligible for one of the limited preschool spots in one of the Adams 14 preschool classrooms.  Spots are not guaranteed, though we are able to place most preschool-aged children.

We urge parents to call Child Find (303-853-5680at any time during the school year to make an appointment for a preschool screening, but especially in the months of April and May. The preschool screenings in April and May lead to most of our preschool spots getting filled for August of the next school year, so it is important for parents who want their child in preschool to contact us at that time.

Call for a preschool screening today! 303-853-5680

Children turning 5 years old before October 1 will start Kindergarten for that school year, and the K-12 enrollment process is different from the preschool enrollment process. To enroll a Kindergartener or older child, call Student Records at 303.853.3238



Fernanda Garcia
Child Find/Preschool Secretary

Ann Corrigan
Child Find Coordinator