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Employee Resources

Adams 14 is committed to attracting and retaining staff members who consistently deliver outstanding performances and wholeheartedly embrace our vision. Our comprehensive benefits not only encompass competitive salaries and wages, but also accrued time-off, full medical and life insurance, retirement plans, and much more. 

A Culture of Recognition

Effective employees in Adams 14 who commit to serving underserved and underperforming communities have access to exciting new leadership opportunities and financial rewards. From retention and sign-on bonuses to stipends and professional development opportunities, Adams 14 is committed to recognizing the work our staff does each and every day.


Each employee union or job title position either has a unique step-and-grade pay schedule or a salary range to determine base pay compensation. Some employee unions are eligible for incentives, stipends, or other opportunities for additional pay. Pay rates are set by guidelines based on agreements with our bargaining units, experience, education, and market analysis. Human Resources validates pay rates to adhere to these guidelines during the onboarding, transfer, or promotion processes.

For many positions in Adams 14, an employee’s initial pay rate depends on an evaluation of certain educational credentials and previous work experiences. If you are not sure which salary schedule applies to your position, you may contact a member of the Adams 14 Human Resources team for assistance

2023-2024 Work Calendars

Please click here to review our 2023-2024 work calendars for each employee group. 

2024-2025 Work Calendars

Job Descriptions