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Employee Resources

Adams 14 is committed to attracting and retaining staff members who consistently deliver outstanding performances and wholeheartedly embrace our vision. Our comprehensive benefits not only encompass competitive salaries and wages, but also accrued time-off, full medical and life insurance, retirement plans, and much more. 

A Culture of Recognition

At Adams 14, we are deeply committed to recognizing and valuing the hard work and dedication of our staff. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package designed to reward excellence and ensure financial well-being. Additionally, we host annual awards events to celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition throughout our organization.



Discover Your Perfect Job. Detailed Descriptions, Pay Insights, Benefits, and Schedules

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions is your comprehensive resource for understanding the roles and responsibilities within our organization. Here, you’ll find detailed descriptions for every position, outlining key duties, required qualifications, and expectations. Whether you're exploring career opportunities, preparing for a new role, or simply seeking clarity on a job function, this section provides all the information you need to succeed.


Comprehensive information about our salary structures, benefits, and incentives. Here, you'll find details on how we reward our employees for their hard work and dedication, ensuring competitive pay that reflects industry standards and individual contributions.

2024-2025 Work Calendars

Duty Calendars  is your central hub for all employee work schedules. Below each calendar tab, you'll find a detailed list of jobs associated with the Duty Calendar, providing clarity and helping you stay organized. 


A detailed look into how we manage staffing and union agreements. Our approach is rooted in transparency and collaboration, ensuring that every step aligns with both organizational goals and employee well-being. We work closely with union representatives to negotiate fair agreements that protect the interests of our workforce while maintaining operational efficiency. From recruitment to onboarding and ongoing support, our staffing processes are designed to attract and retain top talent, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment for all.


The Union Agreements is where you will find copies of the current union agreements, providing essential information on the terms and conditions of employment, rights, and responsibilities for union members. This resource is designed to ensure transparency and accessibility, allowing you to stay informed about the agreements that govern our workplace.

Campus Planning Sheets

Adams 14 employs a Foundational Staffing strategy, a crafted approach to determining the staffing needs of each building within the district. This strategy is rooted in a formula-driven process that ensures equitable and efficient allocation of resources based on enrollment figures and the specific needs of students.

The Foundational staffing strategy is not static; it is reviewed and refined regularly to adapt to changing demographics and educational demands. This proactive approach allows Adams 14 to maintain optimal staffing levels that support academic excellence and cater to the unique needs of every student.