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Application Process

STEP 1 Review Positions. 
Adams 14 posts all positions on our website along with the job description and minimum requirements.   Review the job opportunities and select the position or positions that are most aligned with your skills set and interest.

STEP 2 Complete the Online Application.  
If you already have an application submitted through the Frontline product with another district, you can There are typically about 15 pages that need to be completed on the application including sections on:

Contact information and address
Previous work history
Student teaching experience if applicable
Names and dates of all institutions of higher learning
Name of high school or GED program
Certifications if appropriate
Information concerning a background check
Several questions related to your philosophy of education.

Important Note:  Adams 14 works with the teacher exchange program International Alliance Group (IAG)

STEP 3   Interview
All applicants will need to complete an initial interview with the principal and their hiring team or the department lead.  These interviews typically take 30 minutes.  Individuals living outside the Denver area may complete their interview through Google Meets.

 STEP 4   Offer is Extended Pending Processing and Board Approval.  
If you are selected to join the Adams 14 team, a conditional offer will be extended pending processing of your application, reference checks, background checks, certification verification, and board approval.

 STEP 5   Onboarding Forms. 
Human Resources will send you a number of emails with details about the onboarding process including a list of online forms that must be completed. Be sure to watch for this email as it often will route to junk-mail.   There are typically 5-7 forms that need to be completed and several documents that need to be uploaded.

 STEP 6  Background Check. 
Once an offer is extended, non-certified applicants will need to submit fingerprints through an outside agency to complete the background check.

STEP 7    Letter of Intent.  
Once your documents are completed, a Letter of Intent will be routed to your email address.  This letter of intent will also serve as your initial compensation statement pending  final review.

STEP 8   Welcome Letter. 
Once all processing is completed, you will receive a welcome letter and an invite to one of our onboarding face-to-face sessions.   Onboarding sessions are held every Wednesday throughout the year and more often in the late spring and summer to accommodate our new hires.  Your principal or department lead will be notified of your intended start date.

STEP 9   Onboarding Session
All employees will attend a face-to-face onboarding session their first day of hire.  During this time, our newest team members will have an opportunity to pick-up any appropriate technology devices, review processes including how to post an absence, get information about our curriculum, get their keys and fobs, review their compensation and benefits plans, and meet with team leaders from the curriculum department or operations department.   There is also time during the first day to connect with union leaders and complete mandatory training.

STEP 10    Report to your campus or department.