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School attendance matters! Support school funding by ensuring that your child attends school every day.

This funding helps ensure that students have access to:

  • Special enrichment classes and programs
  • Free and reduced-price school meals
  • Counselors
  • Physical and mental health services
  • Facility enhancements and upgrades
  • And more!

October Count day is Oct. 2, 2023

What is October Count Day? October Count Day is a statewide initiative that determines the amount of funding our school receives from the state government. On this specific day, we record the number of students who are in attendance. This count directly impacts our school's budget for the entire academic year.

Why Your Child's Attendance Matters? The number of students present on October Count Day directly affects the financial resources we receive. This funding supports various aspects of your child's education, including classroom materials, technology, extracurricular activities, and more.

Adequate funding allows us to maintain a high standard of education. It enables us to provide quality teachers, smaller class sizes, and a wide range of educational opportunities to benefit your child's learning experience.

What You Can Do?

  • Mark Your Calendar: Please mark Oct. 2 on your calendar as a day of high importance. Ensure that your child attends school on this date unless they are ill or facing extenuating circumstances.
  • Promote Attendance: Encourage your child to attend school regularly, not only on October Count Day but throughout the entire academic year. Consistent attendance is vital for their academic progress.
  • Spread the Word: Inform fellow parents and guardians about the significance of October Count Day and the impact it has on our school. Together, we can maximize our funding potential.