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Apply for Free and Reduced-Price School Meals

All families are encouraged to apply for free and reduced-price school meals for the upcoming school year. By applying, families receive more than free and reduced-price school meals, and your child’s school also benefits.

Some of the many benefits are:

  • Your child’s school can receive additional funding to enhance the educational experience for all students.
  • School fees can be waived or reduced, including athletic fees, course fees, and activity and field trip fees tied to curriculum.
  • Students in grades 9-12 can receive assistance with post-graduation planning, scholarships, state and national testing (including SAT, ACT, Advanced  Placement, and International Baccalaureate), and postsecondary enrollment.
  • Families can qualify for additional resources, such as medical, food, and financial assistance.
  • Families can receive support with community services, such as internet, gym memberships, and passes to museums and cultural events.

Not only does your application ensure that your student has nutritious meals, but your student’s school also receives benefits, such as additional funding, waived program and assessment fees, and much more. If you have questions or would like a paper application, please contact or call 303-853-7929.