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Adams City High School Theatre Celebrates!

Adams 14 is pleased to announce that this has been one of the best ThesCons EVER for Adams City Theatre's Thespian Troupe 284, under the guidance of our incredible Drama/Theatre Teacher and Theatrical Director, Mr. Brandon D. Phelps.

Some Quick Student Theatre Successes:

This year over 5,000 theatre students attended ThesCon, and over 1,000 of them were involved in the state competitions. The scoring goes from Fair, Good, Excellent, to Superior, with each performance meticulously assessed by highly qualified professionals throughout the field.

"We've only been competing there for 2 years," beamed Mr. Phelps, the enthusiastic force behind the scenes. "And I am proud to announce that this year student performances resulted in..."

The suspense hung in the air as the room filled with eager faces, each one holding their breath in anticipation.

"One overall Good rating," Mr. Phelps declared, and the room erupted in cheers. The culmination of hard work and dedication had paid off, and the elation was palpable.

Amidst the applause, two names resonated through the auditorium: Daniel Gutierrez and Denise Mendoza-Rosales. They had performed a scene from "El Nogalar" by Tanya Saracho, a duet that had captivated the judges and secured a Good rating. The dynamic duo had brought the characters to life, weaving a tale of emotion and skill that left an indelible mark on the audience and the judges alike.

But the success didn't stop there. Two scenes received an overall Excellent rating:

- Duet Scene: Mari Benitez-Rios & Leo Servin-Pena performed a scene from "Love Awkwardly" by John Rotondo and Maryann Carolann.
- Group Scene: Chanel Castorena, Linda Torres-Jimenez, & Ashley Torres-Ramirez performed a scene from "Enfrascada" by Tanya Saracho.

The room erupted in applause once again as the names were announced. The talent within Adams City Theatre was undeniable, and the Excellent ratings were a testament to the commitment and skill of these young performers.

And then, a historic moment for Adams City High School theatre—For the first time in its history, one of the student performance pieces scored an overall Superior, the highest accolade possible! Duet Scene: Emily Hernandez & Ken Rodriguez performed a scene from "Love Awkwardly" by John Rotondo and Maryann Carolann, leaving the audience in awe.

But the achievements didn't end on the stage. Hugo Acevedo made history as ACT's first musical theatre performance competitor, representing the community with an all-Spanish mariachi-styled piece called "Un Acordeon" from their upcoming musical "Mariachi Girl." Hugo received an overall Good and a well-deserved round of applause.

Lastly, Gabriel (Sam) Ortiz made history as the first Adams City Theatre student to submit an original short film piece. His film received an overall Excellent rating and was showcased to over hundreds of students and adults. During the closing ceremony, Sam's video was featured in a highlight reel in front of an audience of over 5,000 attendees.

"The students can hold their heads up high! I am so proud of them. If you see any of our students today, please share the love with them. You can also share some messages with me, and I will get them back to the students.

Thank you to everyone who supports theatre and our Adams City Theatre students. We are the storytellers, and I'm so happy they get to share themselves and their talents with all of Colorado."

Brandon D. Phelps
Drama/Theatre Teacher and Theatrical Director