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The Adams 14 Technology Department's goal is to provide the best customer service we can in support of the district's community of learners.

Educational Technology

Educational technology or Ed Tech is digital technology that is used to facilitate learning. The mission of the Colorado Department of Education’s Educational Technology Program is to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. Chromebooks, iPads, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Seesaw, and YouTube are some examples of educational technology. Teachers use technology to enhance instruction and provide innovative opportunities for students.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal is to increase student achievement and teacher effectiveness. Our department accomplishes this goal through the following three ways.

Engaging a Community of Learners

  • Teach students using technologies to safely uncover their curiosities.
  • Prepare staff to integrate elements of deep learning.
  • Provide parents with accessible means to technological resources.
  • Build community partnerships for students to interact beyond the classroom.

Enhancing the Educational Experience

  • Teach 21st century skills to prepare students for college and careers.
  • Offer blended learning structures to promote student success.
  • Enrich learning opportunities through differentiation, progress monitoring and collective efficacy.
  • Extend learning across content and everyday life experiences.

Ensuring Access to Modern Technologies

  • Support technological needs through equity and research.
  • Use personalized learning to determine students’ interests and needs.
  • Establish criteria for purchasing new technologies.
  • Communicate responsible technology use to students, families, and community partners.