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Transition Program

The Transition Program is an optional program that serves students 18-21 years old with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and an intellectual disability. The program focuses on building skills in three areas: life skills, job skills and independence skills. Students who qualify for Transition will have completed all of their required high school credits and have been determined to need assistance in one or more of those three areas. 

Students in the transition program will continue to have their IEP until they either age out, at the age of 21, or it is determined that the student no longer needs the program. It is the ultimate goal for a student to graduate as soon as possible, so students only need to participate in Transition as long as they need. Students will continue to receive related services, such as speech and language, occupational, physical, mental health, and social-emotional therapy. However, the goal of the Transition Program is to phase out these services and connect students with outside services to continue receiving assistance once they have finished with Transition. Most students in Transition should be on the waitlist for North Metro Community Services.