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The Academic Department supports Adams 14 teachers, staff and parents with curriculum, instruction and assessment to meet the needs of each student. We use a researched-based curriculum that aligns with Colorado Academic Standards and focuses teaching and learning on evidence-based student outcomes. We engage in Best, First Instruction practices across contents and grade levels while focusing on the following key questions:

  • What will students know, understand and be able to do?
  • What research-based instructional practices will we use to promote learning?
  • How will we know when each student has learned it?
  • What will we do when students have already learned it, or have yet to learn it?

District Vision and Goal

Through engagement, collaboration, and mutual respect, the parents, teachers, administrators, and community partners of Adams 14 will create the academically rigorous and culturally diverse learning experiences needed to prepare students for success in college, career, and adulthood in safe, performance-level schools. 

Our goal is to align curriculum, instruction, assessment, and data systems with student needs and culturally-relevant curriculum and pedagogy.