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Be a Part of Tradition

Welcome to Adams 14 Athletics, where we champion the essence of competition, teamwork, and excellence. Whether you're an enthusiastic athlete, a dedicated supporter, or someone eager to discover the sports options in our district, you've arrived at the perfect destination.

In Adams 14, our student athletes don't just excel in their sports; they also learn about sportsmanship, develop valuable skills, and become part of a close-knit community. We're here to keep you informed with the latest news, upcoming events, and opportunities within our district's athletic program.

Why Participate

Scoring the winning points against a rival, hearing the roar of the crowd after a goal or attaining a personal record after a track or swim meet are just a few high school athletic moments that will last a student a lifetime.   Beyond the friendships built, the excitement of being part of a team, and the physical growth, participation in team sports results in a higher GPA for both high school boy and girl athletes. Physically active children are 15% more likely to attend college and often score higher on academic tests. Former student athletes tend to earn significantly higher incomes than those who did not play sports.