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Under federal program-Title I, Colorado is required to administer academic achievement assessments to all students (K-12) as well as an English Language Proficiency assessment to English learners.  The state of Colorado utilizes the ACCESS assessment to monitor students progress in acquiring academic English.  The WIDA (World Class Instructional Design and Assessment) ACCESS Placement Test, or W-APT, is used in identification of students as English Language Learners.

The ACCESS test assesses the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of our bilingual students. This particular test provides important information for parents, teachers, and school leaders about our bilingual students’ proficiency level as they acquire the English language.

  • The test helps teachers know when your child is proficient in English and no longer needs English language development classes or support.

  • The test helps you and your child’s teacher monitor your child’s progress in learning English.

  • The test helps you and your child’s teacher know if adjustments are needed in instruction in order to help your child succeed in learning English.

These tests are required to be given in-person and the tests will be administered between January 8th through February 9th 2024. It is important that students attend school regularly during this timeframe to ensure he/she completes ACCESS testing. Schools have created their individual testing schedules within the testing window and will contact the families of students who will participate in the ACCESS test. 

If you have any questions or concerns about ACCESS testing, please reach out to your student’s school.  

Visit the WIDA website for more information about W-APT or ACCESS for ELLs.

*W-APT is a semi-secure English language proficiency "screener" test given to incoming students who may be designated as English learners (EL). It assists educators with programmatic placement decisions, such as identification and placement of ELs. For students in grades 1-12 the W-APT screener is taken online. The W-APT is one component EL identification.

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