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Voices from Adams 14



On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, the Adams 14 Leadership team convened with the State Review Panel (SRP). Joe Salazar initiated the session by providing context on the district's current situation and staff sentiments regarding the process. Additionally, he articulated the repercussions on district operations following the last review. Guided by SRP members, cabinet leaders were then tasked with detailing the advancements made since the previous review. Ms. Burke provided comprehensive insights into the PLC process and the alignment of curriculum and professional development. Dr. Roede elaborated on the supports implemented to aid teachers in internalizing lessons and units, while Dr. Loria discussed the development of strategic goals and community engagement efforts.


As part of the procedure,the State Review Panel (SRP) met with members of the Adams 14 School Board on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. During the meeting, board members elaborated on their involvement in spearheading the transformation endeavors.



During the State Review Panel (SRP) Focus Group Meeting involving operations teams, the State Review Panel concentrated its inquiries on district finances and the 2023 summer restructing of ESS. The team elaborated on the methodology employed and the rationale behind the reorganization, aiming to bring resources closer to the classroom and offer more direct support for student learning. While not explicitly questioned about the District Accountability Committee and School Accountability Committees, the team managed to provide insights into the collaborative efforts underway between the community and the school district.


Adams 14 Principals collectively met with the State Review Panel (SRP) Wednesday morning, February 7, 2024. The members of the Adams 14 team perceived that the panel placed significant emphasis on structures, PLC processes, district supports, and partnerships. The team spent considerable time describing how having multiple partnerships, as opposed to a single one, has empowered them to enlist various experts to enhance instruction and foster a positive school culture. Additionally, the team conveyed the collaborative efforts between the district and the campus, which effectively address and fulfill the campus's requirements.


On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, members of the Adams 14 district operations team convened for a group focus meeting with the State Review Panel (SRP). The panel expressed keen interest in understanding the methodologies employed to attract and retain highly effective staff. During the discussion, team members outlined the initiatives implemented over the past two years to bolster student teaching partnerships and professional collaborations, aiming to provide staff with enhanced opportunities for continuous growth and achievement of new milestones. Additionally, the team highlighted the numerous documented processes established during this period to ensure the sustainability and replicability of current efforts in the future.


The academic team was prompted by the State Review Panel (SRP) to delve into the district's improvement endeavors, along with its priorities and challenges. The team elaborated on collaborative initiatives with TNTP to craft a strategic plan tailored to meet the needs of students. Furthermore, they highlighted the identification of "big rocks" and the collaborative engagement with community members to address and monitor the district's efforts effectively.


Members of TNTP, a district strategic partner, met with the State Review Panal (SRP) on Friday, February 9, 2024 to talk about their role in supporting Adams City High School and Central Elementary.   They shared information about their contract for support and the collaboration between TNTP and the district.


Mayor Steve Douglas met with members of the State Review Panal (SRP) on Friday.  Mayor Douglas talked about the importance of the school district representing and being governed by the community.  He articulated the resources available from the city to support the district and how he supports the leadership as the district continues to make progress.


Ms. Douglas, a member of the Commerce City City Council reflected on her experience with the State Review Panal (SRP) on Friday.  Ms. Douglas was excited to share her experience with the panal was positive and productive.  She talked about her experience with the Adams 14 leadership and the collaborative efforts between the district and community as the district continues to build on success.


Adams 14 parents were excited to share their experiences and district expecations with the State Review Panel (SRP). Parents were particularily interested in making sure their voices were heard by the SRP


Members of the School Accountability Committee (SAC) and District Accountability Committee (DAC) met with the State Review Panel (SRP) Thursday. The team shared their concerns and desire to be in control of their own future and the districts ability to make decisions.


Adams 14 strategic partners met with the State Review Panal (SRP) where they had the opportunity to share information about the Academies at Adams City High School and the instructional successes they have seen first hand.


The leadership team of Adams City High School convened with the State Review Panel (SRP). Initially, campus leaders were somewhat surprised as the conversation began with inquiries about the campus vision and mission, rather than focusing immediately on the progress students have made since the last review and the district's strategies for fostering success. The SRP also directed attention towards strategic partnerships and their influence on the school. Despite this shift, ACHS leaders were able to highlight several positive aspects of the school, including successes resulting from multiple flexible partnerships, as opposed to reliance on a single partner.


The State Review Panel (SRP) conducted interviews with teachers at ACHS, during which some educators conveyed their concerns about the predominantly negative nature of the questioning. They felt that the inquiries did not adequately highlight the accomplishments and growth realized over the past two years. At a certain juncture, members of the team were requested to step out as they were taking notes for later reflection.


Understanding the context and external factors influencing a school, group of teachers, community, or student body is crucial for accurately assessing the current state of a school. Without this vital information, judgment calls may be misguided or entirely inaccurate. During one of the focus groups at ACHS, teachers were denied the chance to provide insights into the context surrounding the school. Consequently, they harbor concerns about whether their perspectives were accurately received.


Teachers from the Lester Arnold, including JC a new teacher, talked about the support he and others in the school have received from the district.


Members of the Lester Arnold faculty met with the State Review Panel (SRP) Thursday, February 08, 2024. The conversation revolved around the support from campus and district leadership. One member talked about intentionality of the decisions being made.


Teachers at Kearney Middle School met with the State Review Panal (SRP) on Thursday, February 8, 2024. They reflected on the questions, indicating that some were broad and perhaps more district level in nature, and thus, difficult to answer. The team shared their successes and how they feel the district is progressing .