Adams County School District 14
     5291 East 60th Avenue
     Commerce City, CO 80022
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Stormwater Drainage in Adams 14

Storm water carries untreated water runoff directly into creeks and rivers and, by doing so, impacts our environment. Improper disposal of wastes, such as oil, paint, fertilizer and pesticides will pollute the stormwater and destroy plants, endanger wildlife and affect drinking water. Never dump materials, including grass clippings, into any storm drain or drainage canal, and be sure to keep any catch basins on your property free of grass clippings and debris.

water dropAdams County School District 14 is currently permitted by the State of Colorado as a Municipal entity and, as such, must monitor all stormwater flowing in storm drains, streets and parking lots on property contiguous to Adams City High School and Adams 14 Educational Support Services. Adams 14 is also cooperating with the City of Commerce City in adhering to municipal stormwater ordinances related to construction and post-construction activities on District property. Please Note: Commerce City's City Code specifically prohibits dumping of any material into any portion of the drainage system.

Major drainage channels, ditches and structures within the perimeter of this property are periodically checked and maintained so that stoppage is minimized and the systems are allowed to flow freely. Clear drainage systems convey stormwater runoff more efficiently and this serves to minimize flood damage to buildings and property. For more information or to report drainage problems or illegal dumping, call the Adams 14 Service Center, 303.287.8311.