Adams County School District 14
     5291 East 60th Avenue
     Commerce City, CO 80022
  303.853.3333    303.853.3329

Special Education Records

If you need to obtain a copy of your student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), please feel free to ask your child’s teacher for one. If you need a more comprehensive collection of past IEP’s, please come to the ESS Building at 5291 E 60th Avenue and ask for Hilary Bryant, the Federal Program Assistant.  It is good to call and make an appointment, 303-853-3250, but you are also welcome to drop by our office Monday – Friday 7:30am-3:00pm 

Out of respect for the privacy of you and your child we require that all persons requesting IEP’s provide a current picture ID at the time of request. We will need you to sign a Release of Information Form at that time, as well. Only persons who have legal guardianship of a student may receive IEP documents.

Once a student turns 18 they must bring an ID, sign the Release of Information Form, and request the IEP records themselves. Parents will no longer be able to do this. If you feel that you will need to be a long-term caretaker for your student after they turn 18 it is recommended that you fill out, and have notarized, a limited Power of Attorney which is good for (1) year and will need to be signed and notarized each year and which will allow you to obtain IEP records for your student.