Adams County School District 14
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     Commerce City, CO 80022
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Health Services

On-Site Nursing Services

Each school has a Health Clerk, who is a paraprofessional trained to provide health supports for students and to implement health care services under the delegation and supervision of a Registered Nurse.  Health Clerks deliver prescribed medications, assist in health screenings and provide first aid as needed.

The District contracts with Community Health Services to secure Registered Nurses (RN) who provide services to all students attending district schools.  The School Nurse plays an important role in supporting the special education service providers who are responsible to provide appropriate programming to students with disabilities. The School Nurses are assigned several schools and delegate many of their direct services to trained paraprofessionals. 

The School Nurse and the IEP Meetings

The School Nurse provides the necessary health information for the IEP team to consider in evaluating a student’s overall needs.  They also determine when a Health Care Plan or Personal Care Plan,  is required and write the plans for the staff to implement.  The School Nurse, whenever possible, will attend the staffing of those students who have Health Care Plans.