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Homebound vs. Homeschooling

Homebound is a placement made by an IEP team to provide services to a student in their home or another assigned setting.  Homebound is the most restrictive environment possible and can only be considered when a student has severe and documented health or behavior issues that preclude him or her from attending school safely.  For example:  a student with a fragile medical condition who is not allowed to be around other students due to risk of infection may be served at home; or a student who was recently expelled for dangerous behavior in school may be served in another setting.  Homebound services are intended to be temporary in nature, for the most part, as students receive only their special education services and not their general education services in this setting.  

Homeschooling is a parental decision to withdraw their child from the school system and to provide their own instructional services in the home.  Parents who choose to home school their children must register with the state and meet the requirements of a home school setting.  Students with disabilities who are educated in home school (non-public) settings are not eligible for public school special education services.