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Employment FAQ

Because Adams 14 is a public entity, your application is considered a public document and is subject to disclosure.

Your application is for the individual position which is currently open. When that position is closed your application will remain active for a period of three months. To keep your application active you should update your application either by applying for a new open position or reviewing your application and submitting it at the end of the application.

Use the online application process to apply for any position which is currently available. If no positions are available you may submit an application waiting for a position to become available. However, you must apply for individual positions as they open. This can be done by revising your application to apply for a specific position. If you have a question about which application is appropriate for individual positions, please look at our website for positions available at this time.

Licensed and administrative position require uploads of licenses and transcripts.

If your student teaching experience is within the past five years, or if longer than five years and you do not have any contract teaching experience, you will need to list your student teaching experience.

Adams 14 only accepts applications online. We have a computer available at Adams 14 Educational Support Services, or you can utilize a computer at your local library. Remember, an application can be submitted from any computer with an internet connection. For your convenience, there is a hiring kiosk located on the second floor at the ESS Building that you can use to complete and submit an application.

If you have a question about which application is appropriate for individual positions, please look at our website for current available positions or contact our Human Resources Office at 303.853.3201. You can always submit an application even if the position you are interested in is not currently available.

During the application process you will be asked to apply for a position that is currently open. If there are no positions that you are interested in you can select the option that notifies us that you are currently waiting for a position to open. As positions open that you want to apply for you can revise your choice to reflect the position you wish to apply for.

Yes. It is required that you fill out an application even if you have worked for the District previously.

If you have provided an email address, you will receive a confirmation email from Human Resources once an application has been submitted. It is not necessary to contact the Human Resources office regarding the status of an application. Once an application is complete, principals and/or department staff will review the application file for employment. The hiring manager will contact applicants that wish to interview or screen.

Based on which type of position you indicate interest for, you may be asked different questions. However, our online application is basically the same for all positions and may be accessed through our current job posting page.

Please review the application instructions to see if a cover letter is required, it will vary by position.

If an applicant is interested in a particular school or position, they may send a cover letter and resume to the principal or hiring supervisor, after you have completed your online application.

To view what positions are available, visit our current available positions. You may revisit the District’s home page and look for job openings on a regular basis.

To review the benefits offered by the District, please select the Benefits link.

To review the pay scale for the various positions, please select Compensation.

Yes. You will need to submit an application for a coaching/supplemental position online. Nonexempt (hourly) employees of Adams County School District 14 are not eligible for coaching positions.

You will need to submit an internal application for the specific position that is currently available that you are interested in.

The minimum versions that will work are version 2.0 for Mozilla Firefox and 6.0 for the Internet Explorer browser. To download a current version of either browser follow the above links.

Adams 14 receives a great volume of highly qualified applications on an ongoing basis. If you are an applicant that will receive an interview you will be contacted. However, not all applicants will receive notification as to the status of their application.