Adams County School District 14
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     Commerce City, CO 80022
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Behavior Support

Adams 14 provides a continuum of services to meet the needs of students with social, emotional and behavioral needs.  Each school has a licensed school psychologist, called a Child Advocate, who provides leadership to the school in the development and implementation of school-wide positive behavior systems, classroom management strategies, and assessments leading to the development of individualized Behavior Intervention Plans.  Child Advocates provide consultation to the teachers in the implementation of specific behavioral strategies to meet the needs of students. 

Each school also has a School-Based Therapist, who is a licensed mental health therapist contracted to work in the school through the Community Reach Center.  These therapists can provide individual, group and family services to meet the needs of students with social, emotional, mental health and behavioral needs.  Students are usually referred to the School-Based therapist by the Child Advocate, after consultation with the family and other members of the team. 

The district also has a Behavior Support Team that consults with Child Advocates and special education staff to help a student who continues to struggle, despite the addition of supports and services.  A member of the team may provide additional observations, take more data, modify a behavior plan, develop a new reward system, and consult with outside members of the student’s team of caregivers, including parents and outside therapists.  The team can also provide temporary paraprofessional support, when indicated, especially to help a student and teacher earn and adjust to a new behavior intervention plan. 

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